1968 c10 bed kit

1968 c10 bed kit

Product CX Reproduction of the original rear stepside fender designed for use on Chevrolet and GMC models. Each fender is stamped to OE specifications using correct gauge galvanized steel for an original appearance and authentic View Product Details.

Product HB. These custom bed strips use a completely hidden fastening system with special bolts that slide into the groove on the underside of the strip to adjust to any bolt location. Product T This reproduction spare tire rear bracket will replace the originals exactly.

For use on pickup models only. Product Reproduction rear bed side braces for all GM fleetside models. Manufactured to factory specifications for proper fitment and appearance. Hardware not included. Sold as a pair. This reproduction spare tire carrier wing nut will replace the original exactly. For use on all pickups with under bed tire carrier.

Bed strips hold the wood planking to the bed cross sills. Reproduction bed floor mounting bolt set for Chevrolet and GMC pickup models. This set features the 8 bolts and all nuts and washers needed to mount the bed floor to the frame on short bed or long bed models.

This reproduction spare tire front bracket will replace the originals exactly.

1968 Chevrolet Truck Parts - Bed Sides - Full

Angle strips attach the side boards on Stepside beds. These angle pieces are bolted to the wood and spot welded to the bed side. Features pre-punched square holes in the original bolt pattern. Made in USA Strips are Set includes: 7 long middle strips Each hardware set includes all the bolts, nuts, washers and lock washers to install the bed wood and angle strips.

This includes the bed-to-frame bolts. The bolts in this kit are standard carriage bolts, which means they have Each hardware set includes all the bolts, nuts, washers and lock washers to install the bed wood and angle covers.

Select this bolt kit when using angle strips or covers without punched square holes.

1968 c10 bed kit

Includes ribbed-neck Reproduction of the bed cross sill for Chevrolet and GMC fleetside trucks with steel bed. This part is painted with a rust preventative coating. This hardware kit includes all the bolts, nuts, washers and lockwashers to install the bed wood, bed strips and angle covers, including the bed-to-frame bolts.

Select this bolt kit when using angle strips or angle covers Product BWDK. The bed floor is the largest flat surface on your classic truck, it plays an integral role in the final appearance of your build.On Sale. Garage Sale. Help is just a click away! Products to Compare max of 3 X. Classic Truck. Chassis and Suspension.

1968 c10 bed kit

You've Selected:. Clear All. Select Your Vehicle. See More Filters. Sort by: Relevance Selected. Show: 30 Results. Front Suspension Kits. Transmission Crossmembers. Motor Mounts. Vehicle Frame Assemblies. Transmission Crossmember Mounts.

Frame Rail Boxing Plates. Nerf Bars and Running Boards. Crossmember Mounting Brackets. Suspension Bump Stops.Descriptions in Blue are hyperlinks to pictures and or larger description. Perfect reproductions of the originals with sidemarker light openings.

Complete inner and outer Blazer quarter panels. Original gauge 1. Ships truck freight direct from manufacturer supplier. We will contact you with freight costs by email before shipping for approval or email us at We will contact you with freight costs by email before shipping for approval or email us at GMCPauls GMCPauls.

1968 Chevrolet Truck Parts - Truck Bed Parts

Painted in a EDP applied black primer just paint and install on your truck. All new tooling used to make these exact replicas of the original bedsides. Specify L or R in Cart. Please contact us prior to purchase to ensure all parts are in stock. Perfect reproductions of the originals with no sidemarker light openings. Original gauge sheet metal.

All new tooling used to make these custom bedsides. These bedsides do not have the sidemarker light openings or the stake pocket holes on tops of bedsides for a completely smooth custom appearance.

Save a ton of time and money order paying to have this done to stock bedsides. Made like originals from steel. Made to fit like originals but manufactured from stainless steel. Specify left or right in cart. This item ships Oversized I and has separate shipping charges. This item ships Oversized II and has separate shipping charges.

Attaches to either side of fleetside tailgate and bed side to hold tailgate horizontal when open and striker plates to engage the latches in tailgate to hold it shut when raised. Save money by buying in kit form.We are thinking of you all during this crisis.

We remain open and shipping at this time. Call Toll Free The original mark of quality restoration parts and accessories. Search By Vehicle - Select Make. Products for your Chevrolet C10 Pickup. Accessories Click here to view all items in Accessories.

1968 c10 bed kit

Click here to view all items in Brake System. Disc Brake Backing Plate. Park Brake Parts. Click here to view all items in Bumpers.

Bumper Bracket. Front Bumper Fillers. Front Bumper Guard. Front or Rear Bumper. License Bracket. Rear Bumper Bracket. Rear Bumper Chrome. Rear Bumper Cushion. Click here to view all items in Cab Body Panels and Trim. Cab Corner Outer.It's no secret that the desirable trucks are getting harder and harder to find, let alone pick up for a bargain.

Double that for a runner in decent shape. That's not exactly what most of us would call affordable, though it is slightly better than your average muscle car or 2-door classic. Those prices are getting even crazier as the years tick by and Mother Nature takes its toll on what sheetmetal is still out there. The chassis' were all relatively similar, enough so that a -ton long bed can be cut down to -ton specs and the same upgraded suspension components used throughout.

With the amount of sheetmetal components being reproduced today, a new short bed is simply a phone call away. Doing the same thing with a 4-door passenger car isn't really an option, which is what keeps those sought after 2-door prices high. Those poor guys don't have the options that we do and that's one of the reasons the truck market is so strong today. The guys at Brothers Trucks saw the writing on the wall years ago as they've not only watched many of their customers do just that, but did the same thing themselves.

They even helped me out when it came time to cut my own Chevrolet C10 down from a long bed to short. Yet while it's been a popular solution for many years, no one stepped up and made a kit for the DIY guy to shorten one in his driveway. Until now. Jim and Steve Flanders, the brothers behind Brothers Trucks, spearheaded the recent campaign to create a template that enables the average truck enthusiast to "make the cut" on their ' C10 using simple hand tools.

A drill, a couple drill bits, a method to cut the framerail cleanly, and a few handtools are all that's required to take that low buck work truck and turn it into a short bed canyon carver.

Having access to a welder and a skilled operator is helpful, but Brothers designed their kit so that it could be fully assembled in a one-car garage and then trailered to a local welder if need be to complete the assembly. What makes the Brothers Trucks' kit nice is the fact that you don't need to know chassis specs, take any measurements, setup wheelbase plumb bob marks on the shop floor, none of that.

Using existing holes in the chassis to locate the template, it's literally a matter of drilling a few holes and cutting through the scored lines on the template to cut down the frame. A pair of c-channel braces are then bolted to the two halves, creating a single chassis that can then be welded together. It was so simple in fact, that Steve kept reminding me that it wasn't necessary to bust out a tape measure every step of the way as the template would do the job.

Color me impressed. Follow along and see if you don't agree. And who knows, that clapped out farm truck down the road might just be the best option for your next classic truck project.

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Brake Adjuster Items.

1968 c10 bed kit

Brake Disc Items. Brake Drums. Brake Hoses. Brake Line Items and Sets.

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Brake Master Cylinders. Brake Power Boosters and Booster Kits. Brake Self-Adjusting Kits. Brake Wheel Cylinders and Repair Kits. Bumper Parts. Bushings and Rubber Bumpers. Cab and Door Seals. Cab Mount Items. Cables - Choke, Throttle, Etc. Carburetor Items.

Clutch Items. Control Arm Assemblies, Rods, Bushings.

Dash Parts. Door Parts. Drain Plugs. Driveshaft Items. Emblems and Trim. Engine and Oil Items. Exhaust and Intake Items. Fender Items. Firewall Items.Product T Panel includes stake pockets and side marker holes. Fits Left Hand Driver Side. Note: Shipped truck freight. View Product Details. Reproduction bed side panels for fleetside pickup models with a 8' long bed. Fits Right Hand Passenger Side. Application Notes Application Notes: This Product Reproduction bed side panel for stepside short bed pickup models.

Features gauge, electrogalvanized steel and proper tail lamp mounting holes. Front bed panels are made from 16 gauge electrogalvanized steel. This custom features an embossed Bow Tie. All feature mounting holes for the bed sides pre-punched. Note: Shipped double oversize. Panels are made from 16 gauge electrogalvanized steel.

Reproductions are embossed as original. Custom bed side panel without stake pockets or side marker holes will give your truck a smooth, custom look. Manufactured in stamped steel as original.


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