Future stadium designs

Future stadium designs

Doha 40 Ras Abu Aboud Stadium? Babil 32 Al-Shohada Stadium? Louis MLS Stadium? Plovdiv 25 Overtown Stadium? Louis FC St. Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. Hangzhou Sports Park Stadium. Adey Abeba Stadium. Morodok Techo National Stadium. Zhengzhou OSC Stadium. Education City Stadium. Abdullah Al Faisal Stadium.

Estadio Jorge Luis Hirschi. Stadion Georgi Asparuhov. Queensland Country Bank Stadium. Gewiss Stadium. Stadion Floriana Krygiera.

Kingsford Stadium. Stadion Polonii Bydgoszcz. Stadionul Francisc von Neumann. Stadion pod Tumbe Kafe. Stade National de Luxembourg. York Community Stadium. Stadion Stali Stalowa Wola. Tiberias Municipal Stadium. Stadion Hutnika Warszawa. Mohammed Bin Rashid Stadium. Nuovo Stadio Milano I.The following is a list of stadiums that are either proposed or under constructionwith "stadium" defined as a venue that can accommodate sports traditionally held outdoors.

The list does not include indoor arenas under construction, some of which can be found at List of indoor arenas by capacity. Entirely new stadiums under construction on the same site as a demolished former stadium are included, however expansions to already-existing stadiums are not included, and neither are recently constructed venues which have opened, even though construction continues on part of the stadium.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Berlin : RBB Fernsehen. Retrieved 25 November BKA Architecture.

Birmingham Business Journal. Retrieved December 4, April 11, Retrieved April 22, September 9, Retrieved September 9, September 18, Retrieved October 23, Retrieved 21 February January 30, Unde se va face complexul sportiv modern".

August 19, Retrieved August 25, Archived from the original on Sports stadiums are embracing far more than just the game.

Ten of the most optimistic new football stadium designs: in pictures

Today, the modern sports arena is a lively retail and hospitality destination for fans, and a major selling point for players. Field-level boxes, private suites, clubs, rooftop lounges, and a degree concourse yield a compelling fan experience for every price point. The stadium anchors the larger complex in Exposition Park that includes a restaurant, food hall, team store, rentable private party terrace, and bar.

The stadium extends its use beyond game day with these ancillary elements. The new facility serves as an anchor and city catalyst, promoting economic development in the region.

Exploring the role of convergence, experience, and placemaking in reshaping cities around the world. Banc of California Stadium. Full Bio All Posts. Ron also consults for professional leagues on facility evaluation, design guidelines, and broadcast and security requirements. Contact him at. Dialogue 32 Exploring the role of convergence, experience, and placemaking in reshaping cities around the world.

Related Stories. Please enable JavaScript to experience the full functionality of www.With Super Bowl LIV concluding this past weekend, Forefront would like to showcase arguably one of the most iconic and innovative sports entertainment venues in the world. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia can be considered the future of the fan experience for sporting events, environmental design, and contemporary architecture.

The sculptural structure replaced the year-old Georgia Dome which was demolished the previous month. These petals are fixed to 16 individual tracks that can move at different speeds.

The Benz now holds the record for the largest application of a single ETFE membrane in the world atsquare feet.

future stadium designs

Several aspects define the Benz as ultra-green. Alone, these generate kilowatt-hours of energy each year for the stadium and the surrounding neighborhoods. According to Johnson, up to 10 NFL games can be powered with this amount of energy.

Additionally, underneath the stadium is a ,square-foot cistern that can hold up to 2 million gallons of rainwater. Johnson said the intervention has helped decrease flooding in this area of Atlanta, while simultaneously providing irrigation for local trees. Michael Robinson.There's nothing like heading to the ballpark for a game. Sure scraping yourself off the couch in an effort to reach the remote before tip-off or kickoff is beloved tradition, but it pales in comparison to watching these warriors in the flesh.

America's biggest and best upcoming sports stadiums

Attending a game is all about the visual brilliance. Some venues possess beauty. But with the future quickly approaching, we're even more excited about the proposed and expected stadiums that are moments away from hosting athletic greatness.

Doc Brown may have to sit this ride out, as we're set to take a peek into the future of sports stadiums. Thanks to massive donations and the stellar play of this past April's No. But with a moat circling the stadium, at least 86, seats and solar-energy powering, this Qatar-based gem is setting a standard for the future.

Set to host the opening match of the FIFA World Cup and the legendary Corinthians football club for good, this 48,seater 20, extra to host opening game seems ready to shock the world with its grace.

It's squarish and vibrant exterior should cement the New Corinthians Stadium as the newest wonder of the sportsworld. Finally the Athletics won't have to share brutal O. Cisco Field, here they come. San Jose fans will have more than hockey to cheer about when the stadium opens in Word has it that this China-based complex will open this June Set to replace Jinzhou Stadium, this 80,spectator stadium pictured will host several events in the National Games.

But the complex also possesses a 6,seat sports fielda natatorium, a baseball field and an indoor tennis center. When the old Puskas Ferenc is demolished sometime this year, construction of its replacement will begin. Expected to be finished inthis breathtaking site will host the Hungary national football team. The architectural beauty is set to have a capacity of 60, for the Games, and then decrease to 30, afterward as a park.

In Incheon, South Korea of course. This colorful, retractable-roof construction is currently under way in Baku, Azerbaijan, with plans to open in Azerbaijan's national team must be foaming at the mouth. Expected to be ready bythis Morocco-based spectacle will become one of the largest capacity arenas in Africa. And likely the most glamorous.

future stadium designs

With Morocco hosting the Africa Cup of Nations, this epic creation better hurry itself up. Design details may still be in the works, but Stanley Park Stadium is expected to be a visual masterpiece no matter what.Then the Jacksonville Jaguars went even bigger at their new venue, throwing in an in-stadium swimming pool as a bonus.

Future stadiums

The building of NFL stadiums has become an arms race, but architect Dan Meis is calling for a de-escalation. Maybe, he says, the future of stadiums means less is more.

future stadium designs

Meis knows first-hand what that arms race looks like. He's also been among the architects to submit ideas for new venues in Los Angeles and San Diego. But no matter how many NFL owners light up at the thought of a 70,seat stadium with a retractable roof and seats that vibrate when the action on the field gets intense, Meis wants to push in the opposite direction.

He believes the future looks smaller, more durable, and more versatile. Think Subaru Outback, not Maybach. The primary concern, he says, is economics. Major stadium projects today start at a billion dollars and go up from there, and taxpayers typically foot the bill for much of that.

‪The 25 Future Stadiums We Can't Wait to See‬

To make things worse, some venues may not be around more than 20 to 30 years. Unless owners can find extra big-time events to host, a stadium may only be used 20 or so times per year. What's the next thing you're going to put in stadiums? Meis isn't kidding about the ideal stadium being no stadium at all. He's fascinated by the Palio de Siena, a centuries-old horse race that takes place in Tuscany's Piazza del Campo.

Nearly every day, the piazza stands as a grand public space in the center of town, but two times each year, it's converted into an impromptu stadium where thousands of spectators flock to watch the race. That pop-up stadium concept works better for events like the Olympics or World Cup, which come around every four years and may be hosted by countries without the means to fill those stadiums once the event is over.

But another Meis concept — a building that changes, Optimus Prime-style, from a 20,seat basketball arena to a 35,seat soccer stadium — could provide a solution.

It sounds futuristic, but the transformable stadium has been a reality for more than a decade in Japan. The Dallas Cowboys have millions of fans, but only a tiny percentage of them will ever see a game in person. He got a daily reminder of that over the past couple of years as he designed Stadio della Roma, the new home of the A.

Roma soccer club scheduled to open in View Comments. Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain. More Stories. Author: Arielle Pardes Arielle Pardes. Author: Matt Simon Matt Simon. Author: Christie Aschwanden Christie Aschwanden. Author: Angela Watercutter Angela Watercutter.For fans of state-of-the-art football stadiums, there's never been a better time to be alive. We'll cover all of them below - enjoy!

Reports earlier this year suggested that AC Milan were 'fully embracing' the idea of moving to a new stadium after almost years at San Siro. The work will involve reducing the stadium's capacity to 27, from 31,with room for expansion to 29, as well as the installation of a new roof and stands closer to the pitch.

The project is expected to take five years to complete. In addition, the stands will be nearer to the pitch - eight metres away instead of The Eagles have already been granted the green light in principle to expand Selhurst Park's capacity from 26, to over 34, However, the club are still in talks with Croydon Council and London Mayor Sadiq Khan, with approval from both needed before final planning permission is issued.

The fantastically named Stadio Carlo Castellani has been home to Empoli sincebut in the Serie A outfit announced that it would be launching a complete overhaul of the ground in a project financed through a public-private partnership - the first of its kind in Italy. The new ground - well, almost new three of the four stands will be rebuilt - will accommodate 20, fans, and Empoli have stated that the ground will be "be sustainable from a social, economic and environmental perspective thanks to a configuration that will make it a zero emissions facility.

After plans for Everton's new 52,seater stadium were 'leaked' earlier this year, the club released the official stunning designs for the venue on the banks of the river Mersey. The plans suggest that should work start bythe Toffees could move into their new stadium in - finally saying goodbye to Goodison Park, their home ground since Stadiums next to a body of water just look better, don't they?

As we await Feyenoord 's evaluation of the stadium's business case, new renders of the proposed 63,seater are presented. Feyenoord's ground - which will replace the historic but ageing Stadium de Kuip - will sit on the banks of the river Maas, and with a capacity of 63, will be the largest football ground in the Netherlands when it opens in Fiorentina currently play their football at the Stadio Artemio Franchi, though the club have been looking to leave the ancient ground opened in since Though construction has not yet begun on the ground - thanks to a corruption scandal and difficulties in securing a new site for the stadium - Florence's mayor has said that the arena could be ready for use by And holy heck, if the video is anything to go by, it's going to look absolutely stunning.

The 68,seater Puskas Arena in Budapest is due for completion by the end ofin time for Euro where it will host three group stage matches and a round of 16 fixture.

David Beckham's new MLS expansion team will kick off inwith its permanent home due to open in Miami a season or two later pending financial and location decisions. Beckham's ownership group negotiated a real estate deal with the city of Miami to redevelop the city's only golf course into a 25, seat capacity ground, mall and office park.

In the Reds completed the expansion of the new Main Stand at their historic ground to increase Anfield's capacity to just over 54, But Liverpool aren't quite finished tinkering just yet. Last year, club chief executive Peter Moore revealed that the Merseyside outfit were considering adding a further 6, seats to the Anfield Road End, taking the ground's total capacity to over 60, The Theatre of Dreams is one of the most iconic grounds in sports, but club officials at United have decided Old Trafford needs a lick of paint and greater capacity.

Plans have been drawn up three times in the last 10 years to expand the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand, which would take the stadium's capacity to just over 80, Furthermore, the Red Devils would likely have to vacate the ground whilst work is being done, so it may be some time before Old Trafford gets redeveloped.

When the owner of your club calls your own stadium a 'cesspool', it's probably time to find a new home. Le Stadio San Paolo Good thing too, since the third tier of the ground is currently off limits to the public.

However, obtaining building permits and financial investment from the city is proving difficult. This stadium was meant to be part of Morocco's World Cup in had they won the bid instead of South Africaand then again for the tournament, but unsuccessful bids meant that it will just have to be used by the city's two club sides, as well as the Moroccan national team.

Undeterred, Morocco now plan to use the stadium - which will have a capacity of 93, once it's completed in - for the World Cup.


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