Van lining carpet

Van lining carpet

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This looks smart, helps with insulation and is quite car-like in the effect it achieves. In fact, the ceiling was easiest as it was large and flat — more so than the sides and doors….

I used the paint-on type, many people prefer spray alternatives, but make sure you get a good quality glue. Cheaper alternatives tend to soften in hot weather, resulting in your carpet falling off the walls and ceiling….

If you do choose the liquid adhesive option, then despite the instructions on the tin, it is not advisable to paint it directly onto the carpet. This is because you may end up having it soak through and be visible from the outside of the carpet.

Use the technique described below, instead. Before you start, you need to carefully consider how you are going to use the carpet. Again, having a willing accomplice makes a lot of difference, especially with large pieces of carpet which are quite unwieldy. When I used vinyl, I glued it down. Both methods worked well. Next: Furniture…. Back to Conversion Guide Index. Disclaimer: All material is provided for information purposes and is my opinion only. I take no responsibility for the accuracy, suitability, reliability or safety of the information in this guide.

I recently had an email asking whether you could carpet straight onto the walls of a van without ply-lining or insulating it. Uninsulated metal surfaces e. Ply-lining boarding out a van without having the right templates would be a chore unless you are good at that kind of thing but there are companies who provide kits with each piece ready cut — so you just have to screw the boards into place.

Bought a minibus to do a camper the roof is a bit tatty ,could I put the carpet straight onto the original ceiling,without taking the old felt carpet of thank you. But my instinct is that you will have problems sticking carpet to carpet.

How do people do this? What I think most people do is to carpet the inside of the van with the panels already fitted. So the screwheads are below the carpet. Hi just got my first van to ply and carpet,ex BT van. Can you tell me what the carpet is called and where to get it. Thanks Kevin. If you have a search on eBay or click on my link above then you should find plenty of examples.

Alternatively most motorhome conversion companies sell it. Just bought a van to convert. Can I lift the original flooring, put down insulation and replace original on top, and then carpet or lay vinyl over the top? Or do I need to buy new plywood to replace original flooring? I did with my last van. Thank you Roland for your response! Yes the original flooring is in very good condition and reasonable clean.

I will put insulation down and reuse. Thanks again, Lisa. I am in process of converting my sprinter van which is already ply lined and sprayed with a type of fibreglass thick film over it, could you tell me if I really need to cover in carpet or lining?

You can get similar products from a number of places.Our expert fitter previously a flooring installer by trade will insulate and carpet line you interior to perfection.


We use a recycled plastic insulation on all the large cavities, in the roof space and a few other places. Where the void is smaller, we use the Dodo Thermo Liner, this is a professional 7mm sound and heat insulation material, for a quieter and warmer van, camper or motorhome. The 7mm liner is a thermal equivalent to mm of glass wool. We then fit new plywood panels throughout, including a one piece ply roof lining with soft white leds and a switch mounted just by the sliding door for easy access.

We do not use the existing vw panels, as the specialist high temperature glue required to fit them, can warp the panels over time. The carpet lining material stretches in all directions so we can guarantee no wrinkles, darting, or overlapping. Prices may be variable subject to van design and requests. While you looking at our carpet lining service why not check the campervan flooring options.

We would like to indicate that all products used are the best on the market the glues are tested to 90 degrees so no chance of any future peeling of the lining materials. Error: The account for basecampers needs to be reconnected.

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Category: Campervan Conversion Services. Here are some points we are proud off: The wheel arches, sides will be moulded and shaped from one piece of lining material. No Joins The two side walls will then be lined in one piece no joints or over laps. All door and side panels will be made from 5. Read more. Base Campers on Facebook. BaseCampers Campervans. Base Campers on Instagram Ready for adventures!

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van lining carpet

Lost password? Recover password. Trade customer? Login Here. Remembered your password? Back to login. Already have an account? Login here. By adding camper van lining to your side panels, floor and van roof, it is possible for you to create a cosy, warm and sound-proofed interior.

We highly recommend Easyliner because in our experience it is the most painless campervan lining to work with, which makes it perfect for DIY conversions.

You may hear that some professionals prefer Veltrim which is a thicker, more dense liner, but it does not stretch, meaning that it is harder to fill curved gaps and wheel arches and can look messy if not fitted correctly.

All of our videos are really useful to give you lots of advice and tips when converting your campervan. Deutsche website bitte Englisch Bitte. Create your account Lost password? Recover password Trade customer? First name. Last name. Your cart is empty. Free UK Delivery On all orders. We're Here To Help Showing 1 - 18 of 18 products Display: 24 per page 24 per page 36 per page 48 per page.

Easyliner will ensure you get a better, high quality finish.Follow Us on Instagram! We decided that rather than paneling the van walls with wood, we would carpet it to get a better finish and make it seem warmer.

It looks a lot cleaner, has a nicer finish and also helps to further insulate the van and reduce condensation build up while cooking and sleeping. We used the Kiravans Easyliner 4 way stretch carpet in Wheat to get a nice warm but light look to the van.

After insulating the walls with insulation board and foam in the smaller gaps, we boarded the walls back up with plywood for a nice finish. It also helps to keep the van warm in the colder months and cooler during the summer months. We bought a huge sheet of carpet that we could cut to the size we needed. As we wanted the best finish with no joins, we carpeted each wall with one piece of carpet which gave a nicer finish.

You simply spray the glue onto the wood panels and the back of the carpet, then quickly pull the carpet tight across the wood before it dries. We started by spraying the top corner by the rear door, and working across the van to keep most of the carpet out of our way, then we went back to the door and worked across and down until it was all glued on. It was a little harder around the window areas, mostly because we have a few different levels, but we got around it eventually.

It was easy to pull the carpet off the walls again to correct it for a few minutes after spraying, but it does go off pretty quickly!

Once all the carpet was on the walls, we simply ran around the edges with a sharp stanley knife to get rid of any excess fabric along the bottom and around the wheel arches. The wheel arches were done with a separate piece of fabric, as it was impossible to fabric those in with the one piece. We decided this time around to cut the windows out at the same time as carpeting the doors, to try get a nicer finish, hence the missing window.

The doors were pretty much the same as the rest of the van, though with all the corners and rounded edges, we did find it a little trickier, and did have to make a few cuts where there was excessive folding, but you can barely see it. Overall, it took a few hours with us both working on it, and we love the finished result.

It looks a lot more welcoming inside and helps it to look more finished! Great idea with the walls. My German Shepherd Dog sheds year round and blues their undercoat twice a year.

Van Lining | Thermal Insulation, Soundproofing & Carpet Lining

We would end up with hair walls in no time. We are planning to use carpet lining for our van too, your post is a huge help! Could you maybe tell me how many glue spray did you use for the whole process? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Like this: Like Loading Carpet Walls.

You Might Also Like Van Conversion — Awning light and door gutter. Reply tony November 20, at pm best to take your time. Reply tony November 20, at pm allso looking good. Reply Filip January 10, at pm Dump her mate… above. Reply Lynn July 29, at pm Great idea with the walls.We only use high-quality, four-way stretch carpet for carpeting and lining our conversions.

Campervan Carpet Lining

The four-way stretch allows us to achieve a superior level of fit when applying the carpet to rounded surfaces such as wheel arches, window recesses and panels with all those nooks and crannies. The result is that your van looks neat and tidy and there is no unsightly excess material. As with all of our conversion services we have a very wide choice of carpets to choose from in a range of colours.

We use either synthetic or lambswool insulation, depending on your needs and budget. If you're having appliances and lighting fitted to your van we will hide the necessary fixtures and wiring whilst lining out the van; giving you a clean, aesthetically pleasing finish. Insulating your van will not only keep you warm but it will prevent condensation from collecting on metal surfaces which there are a lot of in a panel van!

Our first step is to apply a foil lining to the panels in order to reflect heat back into the van and also to repel vapour. Moisture is created by cooking, drying wet gear and - most of all - breathing. Whilst you can't prevent moisture build up on windows having the panels insulated will make your van last longer. Good ventilation is also key to maintaining a dry and comfortable camper van, so it's worth installing a vented or sliding window, especially where kitchen appliances are concerned.

The primary benefits of lambswool are that it is a natural, recyclable material, which requires far less energy to produce than synthetic fibres and so is better for the environment. It is also fire-retardant and maintains its thermal properties when wet.

The primary benefit of synthetic insulation is that it is cheaper than lambswool. Some claim that it has better insulating properties too and dissipates moisture better - reducing the chances of rust developing. All prices are inclusive of VAT. SJ Campers. If you're looking to transform a bare panel van to something more liveable, then lining it out is a great option.

We will strip out any existing worn lining panels, clean and prepare the metal surfaces and install new insulation, panels and lining. Adding carpet and insulation to your van really transforms it into something special and makes it so much nicer to spend the night in! Van Carpeting. Carpeting Your Van We only use high-quality, four-way stretch carpet for carpeting and lining our conversions.

Insulating Your Van Insulating your van will not only keep you warm but it will prevent condensation from collecting on metal surfaces which there are a lot of in a panel van! Why Insulate Your Van? Insulating your camper van will: Retain heat in cold weather Maintain a cool temperature in hot weather Prevent moisture build-up and rusting Improve sound-deadening properties Lambswool Insulation The primary benefits of lambswool are that it is a natural, recyclable material, which requires far less energy to produce than synthetic fibres and so is better for the environment.

Synthetic Insulation The primary benefit of synthetic insulation is that it is cheaper than lambswool.Veltrim Easy Liner Carpet Lining Similar to mega stretch, super stretch, smooth wall and trim velour. The four-way pliable carpet allows it to be manipulated around wheel arches, ply lining panels, side panels, headliners. This is a Non-Returnable product due to it being cut to size of the roll, please see our returns policy.

Yes No. Good service, arrived when they said it would, well packaged and undamaged! Can't ask more than that! I needed some carpeting for my VW interior. I ordered the samples first, they were with me in an instant.

van lining carpet

When I ordered the carpet covering, I was always kept informed of the order progress, and it arrived in no time.

Great to do business with. This was an excellent product and just like it said on the tin, it was easy to apply if you have a bit of knowledge.

I am very happy with it and I'm already thinking if what else I can carpet.

4-way Stretch Campervan Lining Carpet

The table and chairs in my living room are looking very appetising at the minute lol! Thanks guys and a pleasure doing business with you. This is a great adesive does a perfect job, easy to use. Both products were great, the service was great and very quick delivery. Regards, Tom. Thanks you for prompt delivery of veltrim, very easy to use and it looks fab in our campervan conversion just the finishing touch needed Clear website, easy to use, great products, great service and quick delivery.

Well be using again. Thank you. Top class service all the way.

van lining carpet

I'm no expert at trimming in fact I've never done it before!!! My friends don't believe that I trimmed the panels myself. Excellent product at a competitive price.Carpet lining acts as a secondary insulator and sound dampener. Helping to prevent condensation from fluctuating temperatures and reduce ambient noise.

Van carpet lining gives your campervan a professional finish with a comfortable, cosy feel. Available in a range of colours to suit your interior. Cosmetic The look and feel of your campervan internally is as important as the exterior. Interior materials and finishes need to be practical and hardwearing as well as create a homely comfortable feel. Van carpet lining is not only durable, it is available in 7 different shades complimenting any chosen colour pallet.

Furthermore providing you with a professional finish that is cosy and comfortable. After fully insulating your campervan, van carpet lining acts as a secondary insulator. Essentially helping to regulate temperature in your campervan. Keeping your interior dry, warm and comfortable. Furthermore van carpet lining also acts as a secondary sound dampener reducing ambient noise whilst sleeping.

Van carpet lining has been specially manufactured for trimming vehicle interiors. Due to its flexibility and ease of use is a popular choice for professional campervan converters and self build enthusiasts. Van carpet lining has a 4 way stretchability. Therefore can be easily moulded around corners and complex curves without compromising durability.

Furthermore allowing this task to be completed without cuts or joins. All our carpet lining packages comes fully insulated using Thermo Fleece Slimline by Dodo Mat is an itch-free sustainable insulation quilt manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. This Slimline variant is 50mm to allow fitment where installation space is limited, such as upper van panels and roof voids. Thermo Fleece offers a safe, sustainable and cost effective way to insulate your camper van.

It is suitable for all vehicle applications, is non-irritant and requires no protective clothing when installing. It will not absorb moisture and does not support mould growth. At character campers we believe every campervan should have its own unique style and personality. Our team are continuously evolving our design features, material choices and layouts. Think of your carpet lining as the blank canvas for the beginning of your interior design plans. We understand that compact spaces can be a challenge we adding design elements.

Sometimes the simplest additions can create the wow factor. An effective way of creating visual impact to your campervan interior can be easily achieved by carpet lining 2 toning.

If you would like to feature your logo, design element or perhaps a VW badge embellished within your carpet lining please contact us for details and a quotation. Our mega 4 way stretch carpet lining is available in 7 different shades. Let us colour co-ordinate you van to suit your interior. Van Carpet Lining. The Benefits of van carpet lining. The look and feel of your campervan internally is as important as the exterior.

Van carpet lining prices. SWB 2 tone carpet lining. LWB carpet lining. LWB 2 tone carpet lining. Custom embedded design SWB.


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